Char·lotte·  Bal·four· 
Char·lotte·  Bal·four· 
Char·lotte·  Bal·four·  is  an  ex·pe·ri·enced·  land·scape·  ar·tist·  who ^ has  worked  in  France , En·gland· ^ and  now  lives  and  works  main·ly·  in  Au·stral·ia· . Her  spe·ci·a·li·ty·  is  cap·tu·ring·  the  e·ner·gy·  of ^ the  land·scapes· , buil·dings· , and  a·ni·mals·  that  she  paints .
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  • Charlotte Balfour - Biography, Her Work and Exhibitions
  • Gallery of Paintings of Australian Buildings
  • Gallery of Paintings of Australian Landscapes
  • Gallery of Paintings of European Landscapes
  • Gallery of Portraits of Homes and Gardens
  • Gallery of Portraits of Pets
  • Commissioning a Portrait of Your Home or Pet
  • Purchasing Paintings, Prints and Cards

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